Summer Semester 2022


This seminar covers the topic: “Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises”.
The topic will be assigned to participants at the kick-off meeting on 18.02.2022.
With the topic will also come supporting materials in the form of research papers on how to proceed with a literature review, as well as a template to be completed by all students and sent to the supervisor Dusan Dokic at the end of week 2. There will be more information about this at the kick-off meeting.
Each participant will be given a topic and must conduct a literature review on the topic received and present their findings in a presentation.


Time: Fridays 12:30-14:00 (Weekly, starting 22.04.2022).

Location: In the seminar room at the chair for the presenter and other participants via Microsoft Teams.

Kick-Off Meeting: 18.02.2022

Structure of the seminar

(A) Written elaboration of the literature review and (B) presentation of own results.

Inclusion of part A (70%) and part B (30%) in the final grade.

Procedure of the seminar

On Feb. 18, 2022, each participant will be assigned a topic.

Each participant will be required to prepare a literature review on the topic received and present their findings in a presentation.

The content of the presentation should be to present the state of the research on the given topic, as well as to solve the problem in the description of the topic.

The PowerPoint presentation will be presented every Friday, starting from 06.05.2022. Each participant will be notified of his/her presentation date.

In addition, a written submission of the literature review is required. A corresponding template will be provided on the Moodle site.

Presentations must be uploaded to Moodle at least one week prior to the presentation date.

All participants must attend all presentations and the related discussion sessions! An absence will only be excused by presenting a medical certificate.

Part A – Written Preparation

  • Use the template provided.

  • The procedure for a literature review is explained in the document “Guidelines_Literature_analysis.pdf”.

  • In addition to the guidelines, the papers by Brocke et al. 2019 and Wrengler & Watson 2002 are required reading.

  • The document “Search Strategy.pdf” must be completed and uploaded to Moodle by all participants by 11/03/2022.

The submission of the written paper must be done no later than May 06. 2022 23:59 via Moodle.

Part B – Powerpoint Presentation

  • Compulsory attendance for all participants

  • Duration of presentation:

  • Bachelor: 15 min. presentation + 10 min. discussion session.

  • Master: 20 min. presentation + 15 min. discussion round

  • Presentation of the results (Bachelor: German or English; Master: English)

  • Each participant is responsible for working on his/her own topics and additional materials.

  • Each participant is responsible for on time completion of all parts.

You can ask your questions regarding the seminar in the participant forum.