Service Engineering

Winter Semester 2022/2023

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Service Engineering offers a systemic insight into the service design and engineering. Such topics as service design, product design, and service engineering as well as business planning and service quality will be discussed in the lecture and deepened in mini projects. Within the mini project, you will form small project teams to use your obtained knowledge in case studies. After completing the course, all participants will be able to analyze systems and to specify customer needs. Furthermore, you will be familiar with performing team-based design processes and validating resulting designs empirically.The practical examples will be conducted together with company representatives.



  • Semester: WS 2022/2023

  • Scope: Lecture (2 SWS) and exercise (2 SWS) / total 6 CP

  • Exam: The lecture covers a module test consisting of an exam (120 minutes) and the final report of the mini project. The module grade is composed as follows: 60% exam, 40% mini project. Passing the mini project is a mandatory requirement to attend the exam and vice versa!

  • Language of the course: English

  • Exercise: Independent work on mini-projects and additionally 3 exercise sheets

  • First lecture: 28. October 2022

  • Time: New lecture videos will be uploaded weekly on Moodle.

  • Venue: Online

  • Moodle

  • Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Maass

  • All participants can post questions about the current lecture in the “Participant Forum” on the learning platform, which will then be discussed there.



The company ekipa will give seminars on the following dates:

Seminar I 

Friday, 28.10.22

Kick off


Seminar II

Friday, 11.11.22

Design Thinking Part I

Seminar III

Friday, 25.11.22

Design Thinking Part II

Seminar IV

Friday, 23.12.22

Pitch Session

Seminar V

Friday, 20.01.23