Service Engineering

Winter Semester 2023/2024


Service Engineering offers a systemic insight into the service design and engineering. This advanced master’s level course builds upon the foundation established in the bachelor’s level course “Dienstleistungsmanagement & Informationssysteme”. The course Service Engineering delves deeper into the concepts of service engineering, with a specific emphasis on the integration of digitalization and artificial intelligence in the realm of service provision.
Within mini projects, you will form small project teams to apply your obtained knowledge in case studies. After completing the course, all participants will be familiar with state-of-the-art service engineering approaches, and methods and receive all the tools for designing, developing and implementing a service. Furthermore, you will be familiar with performing team-based service design processes by making use of digital support tools. The accompanying exercise will deepen your knowledge on the lecture content and prepares you for the exam.


  • Semester: WS 2023/2024

  • Scope: Lecture (2 SWS) and Exercise (2 SWS) / Total 6 CP

  • Exam: The lecture covers a module test consisting of an exam (120 minutes) and the final report of the mini project. The module grade is composed as follows: 60% exam, 40% mini project. Passing the mini project is a mandatory requirement to attend the exam and vice versa!

  • Language: English

  • Exercise: Independent work on mini-projects, including topic-specific workshops and additionally 5 exercise sheets

  • Moodle

  • First lecture: 27.10.2023

  • Time: 10:15 – 11:45

  • Place: 0.07, Building B4 1

  • Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Maass


The lecture includes the following topics:

  • Advanced Service Engineering

  • Digital Transformation of Service Processes

  • Service Design with AI Integration

  • AI-Powered Customer Interaction and Engagement

  • Data-Driven Decision Making in Services

  • Ethical Considerations in AI-Enhanced Services

  • Emerging Technologies in Service Engineering